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Giving it all for MU

Homecoming blood drive keeps on giving

Blood drive

Mizzou’s annual Homecoming Blood Drive is one of the biggest in the country. Photo by Clay McGlaughlin

The Red Cross region that includes Missouri and part of Illinois usually runs 25 or 30 blood drives a day and collects about 17,000 units of blood a month. But from Oct. 11–14, the Red Cross will send nearly all its phlebotomists to Columbia to handle Mizzou’s huge Homecoming Blood Drive. During the 2009 Homecoming drive, students, faculty, staff and Columbians donated 4,252 units. Each unit can help save three lives, says Matt Gerke, a Red Cross communication manager. The student-run drive anchors a campus blood donation effort that nets about 8,400 units a year, making it one of the top three college-based programs nationwide.

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