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Patrick Maltagliati, 20

Since grade school, Patrick Maltagliati has learned at least seven programming languages. He reads technology websites for fun. He was the lead developer of an iPhone application for the Missouri Department of Transportation this semester. And this summer, he plans to write an iPhone game. That’s how much he enjoys translating programmer’s code into informative and entertaining experiences for the rest of us.

Asked to describe the technology of the future, Maltagliati says, “Well, it’s going to be faster, a lot faster. And I’d say it’s going to be more user friendly, too. I don’t think I’ll have to adapt much, per se. Maybe a new language comes out, but [programming is] pretty much all the same. It’s just looking for the next big thing. Apple’s been really good, really lucky with the iPhone and iPad. Hopefully [I can] jump in on something new like that once I graduate.” Back to Millennials


patrick maltagliati

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