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Alumni Profile

The Tiger tail that binds

Titus Blackmon

Titus Blackmon serves as the Mizzou Alumni Association president.

Since graduating from Mizzou, Titus Blackmon has bounced around the country in various positions with State Farm Insurance. But it wasn’t long before he missed MU.

“When I got the alumni magazine, I’d catch up on the class notes about people I know, then I’d read the features about students and faculty and athletes,” says Blackmon, M Ed ’88.

One day in 1994, a postcard arrived from Joel Sipes, BS Ag ’70, inviting Blackmon to help start a Mizzou Alumni Association chapter in Topeka, Kan., where he lived then. He was ripe. “Whatever you need,” he told Sipes, “I’m there.” Blackmon was soon planning picnics and fundraisers for scholarships. The chapter took off. “For me, the whole thing was about meeting other Tigers and getting together to do events,” says Blackmon, who now lives in Baltimore. “It was very much a feel-good thing.”

In 2001, the association’s national board invited him for a two-year stint. “Suddenly you are looking at more than your own chapter. You are looking at everything from a national perspective,” Blackmon says. He felt pride in the responsibility he had taken on, including money matters. “On the national level, you want to make sure that the University’s traditions continue and the legacy lives on.”

Blackmon supports MU out of gratitude for what he learned both in and out of the classroom. “It was a time when I came into my own, when I realized I actually had some talent.”

He has carried that warm feeling about the University with him all over the country, and that’s why he keeps coming back. “It feels really nice to be at the dinner table at my parents’ house on Thanksgiving. That is the sort of feeling I get on campus. It’s home.”