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Alumni Profiles

"Roger the Dodger" returns

As a Mizzou student during the 1960s, Roger Wehrli knew all about the great campus party every fall called Homecoming. But as a football star, Wehrli toiled while others partied.

Monkey business

Letitia Walker didn't realize she was starting a sock monkey enterprise when she gave one of the collectibles to Whitney Shroyer for Valentine's Day 1997.

The Tiger tail that binds

Since graduating from Mizzou, Titus Blackmon has bounced around the country in various positions with State Farm Insurance. But it wasn't long before he missed MU.

Advocating for children

Michelle Watson is responsible for 27 children. They don't live with her, but she does help determine where they call home.

Grad grabs a Grammy

In high school when he idolized the Red Hot Chili Peppers band, Matt Taylor never dreamed he would be helping them create an album cover.

A career in full flower

Bill Ruppert has a mission. "I was born to plant flowers," he says unabashedly.

Behind-the-scenes editor

Merrill Perlman is one of the most important editors at The New York Times.

Well-suited for business

Elaine Stoltz helps Texans figure out what to wear.

From prisoner to prominence

Robert Naka was rounded up with his parents and more than 120,000 other Americans of Japanese descent to be imprisoned in camps for the duration of World War II.