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And the winners are...

Congratulations, captioneers! The fact that so many of you would take a moment from your busy day to attempt to bring words to my doodle warms my crusty, cartoonish heart. Picking a champion from the more than 300-plus entries is a cruel process — and I’m just the guy for the job.

A quick content analysis (Professor Keith Sanders would be proud of me!) reveals that the entries could be sorted into three categories — bird flu, Jayhawk/Tiger conflicts and other. So, first, here are three runners-up. Each will receive an autographed copy of the cartoon with their caption attractively typeset in place.

No. 3 “You’re suffering from the early stages of KU bird flu.”
Submitted by Philip French, BS ME ’70, of Smithville, Mo. A fine job of combining KU and bird flu topic. Philip’s caption went on to add, “Your beak will swell, your body will shrink and turn weird colors … it’s a horrific disease ... but here at MU we do have a cure!”  Too much, Phil, 15 yards for piling on. Stop while you’re ahead.

No. 2 “That’s odd. Why do birds suddenly appear every time you are near?”
Submitted by Catherine Boyd, BJ ’80, of Austin, Texas. I still don’t get it. (Hint from MIZZOU staff: Do The Carpenters ring a bell?)

No. 1 “You might want to lay off the gummy worms.”
Submitted by Charlie, the 10-year-old son of John Wendt, MD ’89, and Francie Kopf Wendt, BA ’87, of Sedalia, Mo. It just feels good to start someone else down the treacherous path of cartooning. Keep up with the drawing, Charlie!

And the grand-prize winner (who gets framed artwork with a hand-written caption) is Stacey Wilson of Thousand Oaks, Calif.:
“Turn your head and coo.” I couldn’t have captioned it better myself!

Michael Shaw, MA '92 


Showme Memories

MIZZOU reprinted one of my cartoons (two dogs in front of the Columns) in the Summer 2006 issue. John Beahler's article brought back many fine memories. I started on Showme in the 1960 rebirth and stayed through the 1961 suspension, doing duty as a writer, cartoonist and joke editor.

I have often wondered what became of the talented duo of Art Director Joe Jahraus and Cartoon Editor W.W. "Sandy" Overby (his artwork was signed as Ian). They saw me doodling one day at The Shack and asked me to join with them and Editor Marion Ellis in the Showme startup. What fun we had!

Jim Morris, BS BA '61
Ballwin, Mo.


Mizzou's other winning football team 

Way to go Gridiron Tigers!  The 2007 football season was historical! But don't forget our other winning football team.

The Rugby Football Club!

As a former University of Missouri rugger from 1971-1973, I had a chance to visit the Mizzou Rugby team on November 10. While 60,000 plus fans cheered on the Gridiron Tigers, not a mile away down behind the Tennis Complex, a loyal fan base of about 50 watched the Tigers scrum down Washington University, St. Louis, 25-5.

As a Yank, rugby was foreign to me as well as most Americans back in 1971. I came over from the Missouri Football team in 1971, after watching in "shock and awe" this fantastic game being played in a driving rain storm on the old Dairy Field across from Hatch Hall. I played my first year not knowing what was going on, only that I could run with the ball, not throw the ball forward and tackle my opponent without being blocked. I was hooked. It was an amazing pedigree of athlete (all sizes and backgrounds) playing for only the love of the game.

An interesting note, other varsity football Tigers that played for the rugby team back then included All-Big 8 stars: Mark Kuhlman, Jet Henley, Jim Sharpe, and John Cherry.  They had to go under fictitious names, since Coach Devine didn't want footballers playing the padless forefather of the American game. They might get injured.

I went on to play another 30 years including internationally, from South Africa to Australia to New Zealand and England, representing the USA in 1976 on the national rugby team, "the Eagles." It has been 35 years since I put on the black and gold of the Missouri rugby team, but I never felt so proud as when I joined the MU ruggers in a team photo after the Wash. U. victory. (See above - I'm standing on the far right).

With rugby now being introduced in high schools across America, the USA may someday be a contender in the World Arena. Today's Tigers are much better skill-wise then my day, and are a winning Big 12 club program plus "farm club" for St. Louis/Kansas City Club Sides including the Super League Bombers RFC. There is also a Ladies' Mizzou Rugby Team!

I ask my fellow Tiger Alumni, ruggers and pedestrians alike, to support Mizzou rugby, and get out to a game in the Spring.  Several of us "old legends" are also planning a fundraiser Golf/Bar-B-Que outing in 2008. More details coming.
Go Tigers!!!!

Jim "L.C." Dierker
Class of '73