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Alumni Profile

A piano man's tribute

Carl Bolte

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Carl Bolte Jr.’s passion for life, love, and, yes, even the Mizzou Tigers, resonates in his vast repertoire of songs. Click play to hear him sing and Marching Mizzou play a Tiger fight song.

Carl Bolte Jr. is a piano man — a piano man with a song for any occasion. His repertoire is packed with writing for musicals, church, wife Jane Ann, the Navy, the Kansas City Royals and, of course, Mizzou.

“Give A Cheer for Mizzou’s Tigers” is one of the most recognizable Tiger fight songs, and Bolte is proud of his tribute to his alma mater. “I am a lifelong fan,” he says. “I’ll always cheer on our Tigers.”

Access the audio player at right to hear two versions of “Give a Cheer.” Track 1 is a recording of Bolte singing his composition solo, and track 2 is the song as played by Marching Mizzou.