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Century-old photos

Check out Mizzou, circa 1908

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John Evvard graduated from Mizzou in 1909 with a master’s degree in animal husbandry. As a graduate student and assistant to Agriculture Dean Henry Waters, Evvard was likely a very busy young man. He went on to a career of national prominence. But somewhere along the way, it seems he made time to put together a photo album of his time on campus. That portfolio made its way to the MIZZOU magazine offices recently.

Some of the images appear to have been taken by Evvard, and others are attributed to Roy Florea, BS Ag 1910. Florea and a few other students of his era made money by taking shots of campus scenes and events, then selling them as postcards or as prints at the university’s bookstore and elsewhere. The photos appeared in print in various places, including student recruitment materials.

Here are some images from Evvard’s portfolio. Despite some research, some remain a mystery.

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