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Mizzou Mail

Model of generosity

I had the great pleasure of attending the 2008 Missouri Arts Council Awards ceremony at the State Capitol Building on Feb. 13. As a Mizzou alumnus, I swelled with pride as fellow alumni Gary Tatlow, BA ’62, JD ’64, and his late wife, Marilyn, BA ’62, received the Missouri Arts Philanthropy Award for their leadership in sponsoring and helping create Mizzou on Broadway. Their generosity provides aspiring MU playwrights, actors and technicians the opportunity to showcase their original work in the theatre capital of the world — New York City.

Because of Gary and Marilyn’s vision, their New York theatre connections and their financial support, our alma mater has a model program unmatched by any other college or university. We can all be proud of that.

Michael Kateman, BS BA’85, MA ‘91
Rocheport, Mo.

Tigers international


Last Christmas holiday I visited my daughter who lives in Damascus, Syria. On New Year's Day we traveled to Palmyra in the Syrian Desert to view the Roman ruins. Upon arrival, we stopped at the local hotel for lunch. When I went into the restroom, I discovered it had a Mizzou Tiger floor mat. I viewed this as an omen for the upcoming Cotton Bowl game. We got back to the house in Damascus in time to watch the game on television. Good outcome. Next year, at bowl game time, someone is going to have to go to Syria and walk on the Tiger mat to ensure a win. I enclose pictures for the nonbelievers.

G. Lane Roberts, BA ’66, JD ’68
St. Louis