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Around the Columns

Field hockey returns

Launching a field hockey team may sound like a new idea, but MU's players have actually revived a sport that was popular at Mizzou in 1912.

Ironclad focus

He studies, and he trains. Period.

Reclaiming the name

What's in a name? The recognition of Mizzou's unique role as Missouri's public flagship university, says Chancellor Brady Deaton.

Common threads

Stitching almost seems secondary during the sewing circle at TigerPlace, a 33-unit retirement community in Columbia affiliated with MU's Sinclair School of Nursing.

Elbows off the table

Anyone who has ever interviewed for a job over lunch appreciates the importance of proper table manners.

Professor looks at label debate

Fat grams, allergy warnings, serving sizes, bar codes, kosher certification: Considering the fine print that already covers food packages, should labels also disclose whether foods include genetically modified (GM) ingredients?

The science of libraries

Denice Adkins wanted to study abroad in college but felt she couldn't afford it. Now, the Fulbright Scholar Program will make her dream of living overseas possible.

Patients as teachers

"Sometimes we think when students leave medical school, they've left their teachers behind," says Elizabeth Garrett, professor of family and community medicine. "But in fact, they'll be surrounded by teachers their whole life."