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post card

Postcard dates to 1907

Century-old postcard packed with Mizzou spirit.


The printing at the top of the 1907 postcard reads: "Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Miz-zou Rah! Rah! Rah! Rah! Mizzou-Rah! Rah! Mizzou-Rah! Rah! Hoorah! Horrah! Mizzou-Rah! Tigers! "

Kate and Scott Koerner of Columbia found this 1907 postcard and decided to share it with MIZZOU magazine readers. Scott Koerner, BA ’73, a Mizzou Alumni Association member and football season ticket holder, practices dentistry in Boonville, Mo., the family's hometown where his parents, also Mizzou alumni, Bob and Carolyn Koerner reside. Their children, Bryan and Gordon, are fourth-generation MU students. Bryan, a senior music education major, is one of three Marching Mizzou drum majors. Gordon, a junior, is a mechanical engineering major.

Koerner found the postcard on eBay. He was taken by the red-headed cheerleader’s outfit: black Victorian dress pinned with gold mum, a big black-and-gold hat  and beribboned golden baton. A ferocious tiger is by her side.

The card is postmarked Nov. 20, 1907, from Bob, a Mizzou boy in Columbia, to his girlfriend, Frances, in Oklahoma.“I was glad to get your nice card. I am coming to see you for Thanksgiving dinner,” he writes. “I should like to be in school with you.”

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