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An inside look at Sustain Mizzou

The organization's president shares his experience


Junior Patrick Margherio of Florissant, Mo., is president of Sustain Mizzou.

Junior Patrick Margherio of Florissant, Mo., is president of Sustain Mizzou, a student organization dedicated to promoting sustainability on campus and in the community. Margherio is majoring in political science and environmental studies, and has been involved with Sustain Mizzou since he was a freshman. Below, he shares with readers some thoughts about the organization.

It is really hard to explain my relationship with Sustain Mizzou, and specifically why I am in it, because of how much I would have to tell you. 

I would have to explain how and why my experiences before college led me to join Sustain Mizzou and what I have learned about myself since then. I would have to show all the different ways it allowed me to get involved on campus. I would have to go into detail about each of our 14 projects individually and how each gave me some new piece of knowledge or insight I could apply to my life.

I would have to list each person with whom I connected and how much I have learned from them. I would have to talk about the thousands of students, faculty, and staff that I was able to educate about sustainability, and the effect that has had at Mizzou.

I would have to tell you too much to fit in this narrative, so I will have to define my relationship in the simplest terms: I joined Sustain Mizzou because of my interest in the environment. I stayed in Sustain Mizzou because of what it taught me. I love Sustain Mizzou because of the opportunities it provides me to make a difference. — Patrick Margherio

Read more about MU's sustainability efforts

  • Getting dirty with cafeteria leftovers: In Sustain Mizzou's new class on sustainable development in Columbia, MU students turn cafeteria leftovers into compost.
  • Having more with less: Two MU rural sociologists lead a life of voluntary simplicity.
  • The producers: Students experiment in community-supported agriculture to feed the poor.
  • Trust in the wind: Tom Carnahan's Wind Capital Group has established four wind farms in Missouri.
  • RecycleMania: For ten weeks early in the semester, MU competes with other universities to see who can recycle more.
  • Monitoring energy use: A new system allows students to track real-time energy use in the dorms.

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