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Vet casts wide net

vets nets

MU veterinarian Carolyn Henry organized the vets for nets campaign, which raises money for mosquito nets for refugees in Conakry, Guinea. To date, 75 nets have already been distributed as a result of her efforts. 

Carolyn Henry has it out for mosquitoes. As a human being, she’s experienced the maddening itch associated with a bite. As a veterinarian, she battles diseases spread by the pests. But as a parent and philanthropist, she targets one little sucker in particular: the malaria-transmitting Anopheles mosquito.

Henry, professor of oncology in the College of Veterinary Medicine, organized the Vets for Nets campaign, which encourages veterinarians to help prevent malaria by donating money to purchase mosquito nets for refugees in Conakry, Guinea.

“My husband and I adopted two boys from an orphanage in Liberia, West Africa, three years ago,” Henry says. “We have become acutely aware of what a devastating problem malaria is, yet how simple it is to make a substantial dent in the problem by supplying nets.”

All proceeds from the campaign go to purchasing nets for the refugees, many of whom fled to Guinea to escape conflicts in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Cote D’Ivoire (the Ivory Coast). 

The campaign had raised $1,385 at press time, and Henry has donated an additional $2,000 of her own. At about $10 per net, 75 nets have already been distributed in Conakry, and more than 225 more will be sent.

“Veterinarians are uniquely trained in the area of infectious diseases and parasite control,” Henry says. “We realize that this [prevention] effort can have a tremendous impact.”