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New fight, same bite

Missouri Showme cartoons get a new life in 2009


This Fall 2009 Homecoming Special Section cover was inspired by Homecoming artwork in a 1948 issue of Missouri Showme, the long-gone campus humor magazine.

The long-gone campus humor magazine, Missouri Showme, tickled Mizzou’s funny bone during its on-again, off-again existence from 1920 through the early 1960s. University administrators might have frowned on the irreverent publication, but students sure got the joke as Showme’s writers milked the campus sacred cows for laughs.

There were a few recurring themes among Showme’s running gags: beer, boneheaded professors, beer, bosomy babes and husband-hunting Stephens College co-eds, frat-house humor, beer and amorous outings to Hinkson Creek, a favorite student make-out spot. Sometimes cartoonists even tackled the pageantry of Saturday afternoon Tiger football at Memorial Stadium. This 1948 Homecoming artwork inspired the Fall 2009 MIZZOU Homecoming Special Section.

PDF icon See the 1948 cartoons that inspired the 2009 design.

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