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Missouri's finest fiddlers

Howard Marshall, an expert in the traditional musical culture of Missouri, recently re-released a book and CDs tracing the history of old-time fiddling in the Show-Me State.


Music videos the old-fashioned way

Alumnus Jeronimo Nisa, growing up in Spain, fell in love with the sound of the banjo at a young age. At MU, his appreciation for the instrument translated into a thesis project on traditional Missouri fiddle music.


Note to self: Go to college

Adam Higgins is one of nine MU graduates serving in the Missouri College Advising Corps. At Van Horn High School in Independence, Mo., he embraces the task of guiding people toward a brighter future.


EMR stat

Although national political debates paint electronic records as the wave of the very near future, at the University of Missouri, the world of EMRs is now.

College Advising Corps

Guiding lights toward college heights

The Missouri College Advising Corps sends fresh Mizzou graduates to low-income high schools and community colleges statewide to help young students through the college admissions or transfer process.


Where are they now

Catch up on the happenings of football star Terry McMillan, Journ '70, Tiger quarterback from 1968-70.


Getting a leg up

An MU veterinarian has invented a device that could become part of standard care in the multibillion-dollar equine industry. The device helps diagnose subtle injuries that are hard to pinpoint. Along the way, he bruised a few egos (human ones) and jumped more than a few fences.