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Homecoming 2010: One to remember

Mizzou’s Homecoming 2010, themed “Tradition Set in Stone,” could not have been more momentous. The 99th Homecoming Week included beloved campus traditions such as the talent show, house decorations and parade.

Golden Girls

Going for golden

On any given day, the basement of Mizzou Arena is a dreary maze of hallways, covered in shades of gray. The walls are gray. The floors are gray. But for one weekend in April, a small corner of the building teems with color.


Homecoming special section

For many alumni, Homecoming prompts fond memories of campus festivities that go on for days before the big event. Check out our coverage of Homecoming 2010.

Blaine Gabbert

Leaner, meaner

Mizzou football has averaged nine wins per season since 2005, its most successful stretch in decades. The Tigers plan to find another gear in 2010.

Shane Hoffman

Shane comes back

Eight years ago in America’s high desert, amid the tumbleweeds and roadrunners, a lanky seventh-grade boy with an affinity for sports writing eschewed lunch hour for a date with destiny. He Googled the words “top journalism schools,” and a few clicks later, he was sold. In his mind, the 13-year-old was already a True Son.


Nerds' eye view

These faculty members are nerds and proud of it.

young alumni

On the job

In a time of unemployment, you might think it would be tough to find success, especially with a liberal arts degree in, say, philosophy, sociology or religious studies. Check out what these recent graduates are doing with their Mizzou education.


Capital idea

Venture capital moves great ideas from research labs to the open market. In the process, the world gets innovative products, new businesses hire skilled employees, and Mizzou nets royalties.