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Sneak peek at new Student Center's phase 2


The Shack is back — sort of. The new Student Center’s Shack will offer space for dining and performances of music or poetry readings. Although some pieces of the original Shack will be on display, the ambience will be quite different from the legendary beer-soaked dive. Located next to Mort’s Grill, named in honor of Beetle Bailey creator Mort Walker, BA ’48, guests will be greeted by a life-size statue of the famous comic strip character. This area also will include room for pool and arcade games, as well as a two-story glass wall overlooking Brady Fountain. Renderings ©2008 Gray Design Group


The Traditions Lounge features soft seating and a carpet done in black and vintage gold. The room includes a limestone fireplace in the tradition of White Campus and a display of Mizzou memorabilia. Renderings ©2008 Gray Design Group

Mizzou traditions will be strong in phase 2 of the new Student Center, designed to include numerous dining options, lounges for studying and hanging out as well as meeting facilities for university and student based organizations.

Phase 2, scheduled for completion in late 2010 or early 2011, also will include a statue of comic strip character Beetle Bailey in Mort’s Grill, a tribute to creator Mort Walker, BA ’48. A new version of The Shack, which burned in 1988, will reappear along with some memorabilia from the original structure.

Planners want to get Mizzou graduates in on the act for Phase 2. Write or call with your opinions about Mizzou’s most significant traditions, or to offer photos or memorabilia from student days. Some of the materials will go on display in the Traditions Lounge. Send ideas to Michelle Froese at, or 573-884-3389.

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