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Tiger basketball 2009-10

Check out MIZZOU magazine's basketball preview for the 2009-10 season.


Jumping through hoops

Catch behind-the-scenes video of the basketball preview photo shoots, as the basketball Tigers redefine themselves while senior guard J.T. Tiller soars above the blacktop.



Coach A's signature style of play, The Fastest 40 Minutes in Basketball, has gained national respect. With the system firmly in place, Anderson has stamped his ID on the Missouri basketball program.


Hogging the stage

Steve Kopcha, associate professor at the Missouri School of Journalism, graciously participated in three outrageous MIZZOU magazine photo shoots. View behind-the-scenes video of how the photos came to be.


Manifesto of an ad man

Steve Kopcha, a 30-year advertising executive turned MU journalism professor, feels his professional experience in the advertising arena was preparation for his teaching career. He shares an excerpt of and thoughts about his personal manifesto, "82 Things I Have Learned Since I Graduated From College," here.


A man of many words

Steve Kopcha, a 30-year advertising executive turned MU journalism professor, often says, "Good ads sell stuff." He would know - his did. Nine years out of the business (and into teaching), Kopcha, BJ '63, talks up a good many things - mostly learning, living and loving every minute. No doubt about it, the man has a way with words.


Sound design

Taylor, BFA '99, won a Grammy Award in 2007 for his design of Stadium Arcadium - a Red Hot Chili Peppers box set and the rock album of the year. Listen as he reveals the process behind his winning designs.


Seeing the forest for the trees

Building on historic and new strengths in teaching and research, MU defines key areas of competitiveness.


Less 'me,' more 'we'

Until recently, scientists thought trying to study spirituality was a hopeless case. But recent studies at Mizzou are mapping brain areas in play during spiritual experiences. In the process, they are helping bring spirituality into the mainstream of scholarly research study.