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Tiger turned twitter jockey

Daniel Hohmeier

Danielle Hohmeier, BJ ’09, is competing for a spot as MTV's first twitter jockey.

Danielle Hohmeier had to get a twitter account for her marketing classes at MU. “At first, it was sort of overwhelming,” says, Hohmeier, BJ ’09. “If you don’t know who to follow or if you’re not following the right people, it is pretty much useless.” Hohmeier must have figured it out because in May she was told she was one of 18 people given a chance to become MTV’s first twitter jockey, or TJ.

If Hohmeier is chosen to be the new TJ, she will receive a one-year contract with MTV, a $100,000 salary and the chance to rub elbows with pop culture icons while working in MTV’s offices in New York.  “If I win the contest, everything changes,” Hohmeier says.

Since January, Hohmeier has worked at Atomic Dust, a St. Louis marketing company that works mostly with technology, higher education and heath care firms on ways to use social media. She also blogs for other groups in St. Louis and has blogs of her own.

“A few weeks before memorial day I got an e-mail form a casting director at MTV,” Hohmeier says. Skeptical, she did what any Internet guru would and Googled the director. After confirming the casting director worked for MTV, she sent them her number and a got a call the next day. Upon hearing some more, she was on-board.  MTV had spent countless hours searching for contestants. They looked for people engaged in the most creative and effective ways of communication through social media.