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Crowns and gowns

Past Homecoming kings and queens share their stories

homecoming queen

Dusene Vunovich, 1960 Homecoming queen, poses for a portrait featured in the 1961 Savitar.

An iconic element of a Homecoming game is the crowning of the king and queen at halftime. But the seemingly timeless tradition has varied much through the decades. Flip through back issues of the Savitar, and you'll find glamorous full-page photos of Homecoming queens, whose portraits, clothing, hairstyles and even postures call to mind the passing generations. Fashion wasn't the only thing to change. Queens weren't always selected through student elections, and they were once crowned by the state governor. Hoping to get more minority students involved in Homecoming, historically black Greek organizations began nominating their members to be on court. And, kings entered the picture in 1977.

MIZZOU celebrates the Homecoming king and queen traditions through these features on past royalty. Were you a Homecoming king or queen? Share your memories with MIZZOU magazine by emailing

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Queens through the decades

Mizzou's Homecoming queens have been chosen by vote, committee and charitable competition.

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Royal reminiscences

Queens from Homecomings past recall their crowning moment and other Mizzou memories.

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Homecoming queen goes to Hollywood

After being crowned 1941 Homecoming queen, Betty Hall pursued a career in acting, landing a spot with the Goldwyn Girls.

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Inaugural king

UM Curator and St. Louis attorney Don Downing served as MU's first Homecoming king in 1977.

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Crown comes with life lesson

In 1985, Vivian King, BJ ’87, was part of the first black couple to be named Mizzou Homecoming royalty.

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A tale of two queens

Two Alpha Kappa Alpha sisters were named queen during Homecoming 2010.

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