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All-Homecoming Centennial Team

A century of gridiron greats

The Missouri football team has amassed 527 wins since 1911, the year Coach Chester Brewer urged alumni to “come home” for the inaugural Homecoming. In that 100-year span, thousands of Tigers have sported the black and gold, some gargantuan, some graceful, some great. This slideshow highlights some of the century’s most talented and beloved Tigers, and a more complete list follows.

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Scott Anderson 1971–73, C

Ed Blaine 1959–61, T

Phil Bradley 1977–80, QB

Harold Burnine 1953–55, E

Mike Carroll 1967–69, OG

Paul Christman 1938–40, QB

John Clay 1983–86, OT

Chase Coffman 2005–08, TE

Chase Daniel 2005–08, QB

Brad Edelman 1978–81, C

Jeff Gaylord 1978–81, DT

Conrad Goode 1980–83, OT

Darold Jenkins 1940–41, C

Corby Jones 1995–98, QB

Conrad Hitchler 1960–62, E

Harry Ice 1940–41, RB

Danny LaRose 1958–60, E

Ed Lindenmeyer 1924–26, T

Jeremy Maclin 2007–08, WR

Henry Marshall 1972–75, WR

John Moseley 1971–73, DB

Francis Peay 1964–65, OT

Rob Riti 1996–99, C

Johnny Roland 1962–65, DB/RB

Martin Rucker 2004–07, TE

Andy Russell 1960–62, LB

Brad Smith 2002–05, QB

Justin Smith 1998–2000, DE

Bob Steuber 1940–42, RB

Morris Towns 1974–76, OT

Russ Washington 1965–67, OT

Sean Weatherspoon 2006–09, LB

Roger Wehrli 1966–68, DB

Bill Whitaker 1977–80, DB

James Wilder 1978–80, RB

Kellen Winslow 1976–78, TE

Devin West 1995–98, RB

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