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mizzou homecoming

University of Missouri alumni love tradition. True sons and daughters answer a hearty “M-I-Z” with an unrestrained “Z-O-U!” For 100 years, no tradition has captured Mizzou’s spirit quite like Homecoming. It’s beautiful in its simplicity — return to the university where you spent some of the best years of your life, reunite with old friends and cheer on your Tigers. On Oct. 15, 2011, Mizzou’s favorite tradition turns 100.  Homecoming is a program of the Mizzou Alumni Association. Visit the association's website for a schedule of events.

Celebrate a century of coming home.

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House decs

Campus decorations have been part of Mizzou’s Homecoming formula since the 1930s. Themes for house “decs” run the gamut from taunts at opposing football teams to popular culture or good old-fashioned school spirit. Check out this slide show of decs from 1937 to 2010.

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Home Brewered

In 1911, Chester Brewer invited University of Missouri alumni to come home.

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Did Mizzou really invent Homecoming?

True or false: Mizzou had the first Homecoming. Deciding who should get credit boils down to the definition of Homecoming.

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Spirit squads, including cheerleaders, dancers, mascots, twirlers and bands, help make Homecoming memorable.

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Crowns and gowns

Much about the Homecoming king and queen traditions have changed over time, including the fashion, selection process and crowns.

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Mapping Tiger country

The 2011 Tigers — loaded with the best recruits in Missouri and a trove of top-notch Texans — will make their way through a reconfigured Big 12 Conference.

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Cover photos

The Homecoming tradition at MU is a string of great events going back a century. The cover of the Fall 2011 issue of MIZZOU magazine includes a few of the attendees, including football players, coaches, students, alumni and fans of every stripe.

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Homecoming marches on

Over the course of a century, Homecoming has changed as much as it has stayed the same. Check out this timeline of a century of Homecoming highlights.

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Grand marshals through the years

Various alumni and friends have served as Mizzou Homecoming grand marshal since 1983.

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Reunion recalls history, yet embraces progress

Since 2003, Black Family Reunion has provided opportunities for black alumni to reconnect.

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All-Homecoming Centennial Team

After 100 years of Homecoming, MIZZOU magazine has assembled a list of the best Tigers ever to take the football field.

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Red-blooded American

At Homecoming 2011, alumnus Patrick Lee plans to contribute the final pint toward his goal of 20 gallons.

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The rise and fall (and rise again) of Romp, Chomp and Stomp

In the 1950s when Tom Schultz was a student at Mizzou, the Homecoming tradition of Romp, Chomp and Stomp was in its heyday.

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Meet Homecoming’s student leaders

A committee of 32 students does a lot of legwork to plan and execute Homecoming. Meet the leaders.

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