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Meet Homecoming’s student leaders

This trio plans a huge event

A committee of 32 students does a lot of legwork to plan and execute Homecoming, a program of the Mizzou Alumni Association. Three students lead the association's Homecoming Steering Committee as they handle the blood drive, parade, talent show and much more. Meet this year's leaders: Brandon Thiel, Kelly Heins and Morgan Adrian.

Brandon Thiel

Brandon Thiel

Brandon Thiel, 21,

Marshall, Mo.

Plant sciences major

Self-description: Independent, functional, practical

Got involved in Homecoming because: I want it to continue as the highlight of students’ time at Mizzou.

Best idea I’ve had as a director: Embracing the other directors’ idea of having office hours at Panera Bread

Favorite classes at MU: Large lectures. I can zone out and get a nap.

Can’t live without: Energy drinks to help me study

A casual friend would never guess: I am an excellent ping-pong player.

Splurge: Dairy Queen Blizzards

First purchases after winning the lottery: Investments, charities, then replacing my lost iPod

Would never: Eat sushi. I prefer my fish breaded and deep-fried.

Biggest weakness: Taco Bell. It’s my kryptonite.

Dream job: Going back to the family farm. Probably won’t ever happen, but I always enjoyed my time in the seat of a tractor.

First crush: Jennifer Aniston

Favorite game: Angry Birds. It’s easy and a great distraction.

Obsession: Facebook

Favorite quote: “To give anything less than your best is to sacrifice the gift.” — Steve Prefontaine

Kelly Heins

Kelly Heins

Kelly Heins, 22, 

Concordia, Mo.

Elementary education major

Self-description: Determined, cheerful, nurturing

Most challenging thing about being a director: Responding to all my emails

What the Homecoming theme means to me: “A Century of Coming Home” honors Chester Brewer’s idea of Homecoming and celebrates the event’s evolution during the past 100 years.

Biggest surprise about college life: I actually can do my own laundry.

Most exciting experience: Riding a camel among the pyramids in Egypt

Ultimate dinner companion: Harry Potter. He can teach me some spells.

A casual friend would never guess: I love antiques. I mean I really love antiques!

Glad I did it but wouldn’t do it again: High school

Would never: Is never graduating from college an option?

Biggest weakness: $1 Diet Cokes at McDonalds

First crush: Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez

Who would play you in a movie: Maggie Gyllenhal and all her dimples

Obsession: Mizzou men’s basketball

Favorite quote: “Let your light shine. Be a source of strength and courage. Share your wisdom. Radiate love.” — Wilfred Peterson

Morgan Adrian

Morgan Adrian

Morgan Adrian, 20, 

Joplin, Mo.

Hospitality management major

Self-description: Creative, organized, energetic

Got involved in Homecoming because: It’s in my DNA. I grew up wearing Tiger ears, sitting on the curb watching Homecoming parades and listening to countless Homecoming memories from my alumni parents.

Most challenging thing about being a director: Living without sleep

Ultimate dinner companion: Buddy Valastro from Cake Boss — but only if he brings dessert

Always wanted to: Pick up a hitchhiker, but I have been too afraid

A casual friend would never guess: I am a Star Wars nerd.

Glad I did it but wouldn’t do it again: Parasailing

Splurge: Any kind of FroYo [frozen yogurt]

Most important quality in a boyfriend: I am currently in a relationship with Homecoming. I will get back to you after Oct. 15.

Dream job: Owning a wedding planning business

Obsession: Justin Bieber, my guilty pleasure

Best way to relax: Movie marathon with my sisters

Favorite quote: “This above all: To thine own self, be true.” — William Shakespeare

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