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Alumni Profiles

Gas mask marathon

Adam Casey, BA ’08, will run a marathon in a gas mask to raise money for Wounded Warriors on Oct. 23.

From Homecoming to Mt. McKinley

Brent McCauley, BS ’09, will ride his bike cross-country to climb to the highest point in every state. He and his riding partner, Michael Hunter, started Cycle for the Summit to raise money for Big City Mountaineers.

In service and in leadership

Former Lt. Col. Ryan Yantis, BA ’83, assisted the injured at the Pentagon on Sept. 11, 2001, and organized media interviews in the aftermath.

Volunteer president filled with school spirit

Coming to Mizzou from the small town of Weston, Mo., was an eye-opening experience for Pamela Oberdiek, Bus ’84, the Mizzou Alumni Association’s volunteer president for 2011–12.

One doctor’s milky way

When it comes to nutrition for prematurely born babies, Barbara Carr, MD ’93, says nothing comes close to mothers’ milk.

James and the giant juice

Jamba Juice CEO James White, BS BA ’83, attributes much of his business acumen to his experience at Mizzou.

A shade of Greene

Lynne Greene, BS Ed ’74, worked her way up with Estée Lauder Cos., where she's now the global president of Clinique.