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Alumni Profile

Volunteer president filled with school spirit

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The Mizzou Alumni Association’s president for 2011–12 is Pamela M. Oberdiek, who works for Hallmark in Kansas City. She and husband Randy are regulars at Homecoming and Mizzou athletics events. Photo by Rob Hill

Coming to school at Mizzou from the small town of Weston, Mo., Pamela M. Oberdiek, Bus ’84, was eager to soak up college life. “There were 55 students in my high school graduating class, and I had known most of them since kindergarten. So going to Mizzou was an eye-opening experience,” says Oberdiek, the Mizzou Alumni Association’s volunteer president for 2011–12.

The fall of her freshman year, Oberdiek went to her first Mizzou football game. For Homecoming, she helped create house decorations for Delta Delta Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha — she still has the T-shirt to prove it. “And the Homecoming day parade, compared to my hometown parade, was wow! I participated in all the events I could.”

Filled with school spirit, she and husband Randy, BS Acc ’84, of Platte City, Mo., are avid fans of Mizzou athletics. They also make a weekend of Homecoming, and she is especially excited for this year’s centennial event. “We try to always see campus decorations, and we just love the feeling of campus on that Friday afternoon. Then we attend the parade, tailgate, game and as much as we can.” For the past three years Oberdiek has been a judge for campus decorations or parade entries. “Last year was unbelievable having ESPN’s College GameDay on campus, the largest parade ever and of course beating Oklahoma,” says Oberdiek, who leads the data management organization at Hallmark Cards Inc. in Kansas City, Mo.

The Kansas City Chapter offered Oberdiek her first experience with the Mizzou Alumni Association more than 15 years ago. Her first task was helping with a silent auction that raised money for scholarships. “I received the Platte County alumni scholarship when I was an incoming freshman, and I saw this as a good opportunity to help the next generation of students. For me, volunteering is about giving back. Everyone can volunteer, whether it’s their time, talent or treasure. Any time we can help students have rewarding college experiences and absorb everything Mizzou has to offer, that’s really important. That’s why I do it.”

Oberdiek’s desire to give back also translates into some of her priorities for the upcoming year as president. “One goal is to ensure that alumni and others who come to campus have the best experience possible,” Oberdiek says. “Whether you are a returning alumnus, potential student, entering freshman or just visiting, the association can be your first stop for information, maps, updates and a hearty welcome from the university.”

Oberdiek also plans to spread the word that, although the association’s role is to support the university, it’s worthy of support in its own right. “The association is a great donation opportunity when people are ready to give back financially.” She points out that association programming reaches students, faculty, alumni, friends and fans on campus and around the world. “By supporting the association, we can ensure that these programs continue. For example, more and more people are giving to the association’s Traditions Fund above and beyond their membership dues. Preserving Mizzou’s richest traditions, such as Homecoming, is something that I think all of us would like to see carried on for another 100 years.” — Dale Smith