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There's No Place Like CoMo


Columbia. CoMo. Collegetown USA. Since 1839, Mizzou has called this Midwestern academic hub home, and 172 years later, the heartbeats of city and university are still indistinguishable. From up above, you can visualize the seamless transition, and from the ground, you can feel the connection. But things are always changing in CoMo. In 2010, Mizzou broke another enrollment record and unveiled the dazzling new MU Student Center, while Columbia’s signature festivals — Roots N Blues N BBQ and True/False — continued to flourish. New campus and civic buildings, restaurants, bike lanes and public art have sprouted in Columbia. If it has been a while since you have visited your alma mater, why are you waiting? Come on home.

nature icon Nature and exercise: Columbia is a great place to stay in shape. Hike a trail, run a marathon, or compete in the largest state games in the nation.

food icon Eating out: The dining scene is loaded with options, including eateries specializing in local foods.

arts icon Arts and entertainment: The visual and performing arts are alive and well in Collegetown USA, where music and film festivals have earned national acclaim.

lifestyle icon The look of campus: Check out Mizzou’s recent architectural makeover, including renovated classroom buildings, a new student center, gymnasium and orthopedics hospital.

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