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jack smith

Jack Smith joins advertising hall of fame

Jack Smith, BA ’62, was inducted into the American Advertising Federation’s Advertising Hall of Fame March 30, 2011, at the Waldorf Astoria in New York City.

one medicine

One Health, One Medicine

Questions surrounding the health of humans and animals often are the same, and MU has historic and emerging strengths where they converge. Stories from across campus show researchers at work looking out for your health.

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Arthritic joints, especially knees, hobble millions of Americans and cost billions in treatments that yield so-so results. No cure exists. Or does it?

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Dog's best friend

McDuff the Scottish terrier has bladder cancer. He is part of a Mizzou study which tests the human cancer-fighting drug Tavocept on dogs.

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Game changer

Fred vom Saal’s research led to a consumer rebellion against products made with the plastics additive bisphenol A. Now he wants government regulators to take a stand on toxic chemicals in everyday products.

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Curious about the cover?

Health comes in many shapes and sizes. MIZZOU magazine staff members compiled Publications file images to express their version of One Health, One Medicine. Here’s a closer look at some of the photos.

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Since opening in October 2008, MedZou, a student-run clinic, has provided free care for more than 400 uninsured Boone County residents.

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Innovative intellectuals

MU’s Biodesign and Innovation fellowship produces business-savvy inventors who are poised to improve medical care and spur economic development.

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One Health, One Medicine roundup

Short stories about Mizzou’s advances in health-related teaching, learning, research, economic development and clinical treatments.

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There's No Place Like CoMo

The MIZZOU magazine staff has assembled personal picks of Columbia's quintessential bits. We favored places and events that have been around awhile but broke that rule a few times, too.