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Alumni Profile

Full-circle scholarships

Maggie Meyer

Back in 2003, Maggie Meyer was a bright 
student at Blue Valley Northwest High 
School in Overland Park, Kan. She looked 
at three colleges. When she settled on Mizzou, her parents, Brad, BS BA ’76, and 
Sue, BS HE ’77, encouraged her to apply for every scholarship she could find. Even with the Legacy Scholarship that waives out-of-state tuition for qualifying children of Mizzou graduates, college is a pricey proposition.

Meyer, BJ ’07, won a scholarship from the Kansas City Chapter of the Mizzou Alumni Association. The summer before she started classes, the chapter invited her and other recipients to a send-off bash. “I had plans to go out with friends that night, but my dad said, ‘These people are giving you money, and you will go!’ ” Pretty soon, she was glad she did.

“We pulled up, and I saw several students from the Alumni Association Student Board. They were these cute girls and cute boys, and I knew I wanted to be friends with them.” She also met alumni and association staffers and wound up having a great time. “That event really kicked off my desire to become involved with the association. I felt welcome right away.”

As a junior at MU, Meyer served as AASB’s vice president for external relations. “I helped plan Tiger Walk, Senior Send-off and Mizzou ’39,” Meyer recalls. “The caliber of people I met and worked with at the association every day was inspiring, challenging and rewarding. That was the most impactful thing I did as a student.”

Meyer was a great fit for both Mizzou and the association, says Jayson Meyer (no relation), director of alumni relations for the association. “Maggie is the poster child for the rewards we reap by investing in talented students. It comes back through their involvement as students on campus and their continued engagement as alumni volunteers.”

Sure enough, Maggie’s story continued even after her graduation from the journalism school in 2007 as a graphic designer. She landed a job at Better Homes and Gardens magazine in Des Moines, Iowa, and plugged herself into a small alumni group that was growing under the leadership of Keith Dinsmore. Although Meyer served on the board and helped get the Central Iowa Tiger Club up and running, perhaps her biggest contribution came in response to a tragedy.

In September 2007, Meggie Malm, an MU soccer player from Des Moines, died in a car accident. Meyer knew Malm from the Mystical 7 honorary society on campus. “She was a selfless leader, humble, well-rounded and just a gold-hearted person,” she says. “I wanted to honor her legacy, so we sought support from local chapter members, friends and Mystical 7 alumni to create a scholarship in her name.” Meyer is proud of a fundraising brochure she worked on for the project. “It tells the story of Meggie’s life. It reminds people what a standout she was, how MU attracts students like her and, through scholarships, can continue to do so.” With luck, the Meggie Malm Scholarship will soon be endowed and offering $1,000 scholarships every year.