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Honorary degrees given


At commencement May 13–14, MU conferred honorary degrees on five distinguished people who join past honorees including Harry S Truman, Gen. John Pershing, Thomas Hart Benton and Samuel Clemens. The university has given 386 honorary degrees since 1892. The new honorees are:

  • Journalist Barney Calame, BJ ’61; he joined The Wall Street Journal in 1965 and during the following 39 years held positions from reporter to deputy managing editor.
  • Scientist Kathryn Calame, BA ’62; she has been recognized for contributions to cancer research and immunology, including the immune system’s response to foreign antigens.
  • Musician Sheryl Crow, BS Ed ’84; she achieved success in popular music and has become a major philanthropist through her fame.
  • Educator Brian O’Connell; he has been rector and vice chancellor of the University of the Western Cape in South Africa since 2001.
  • Scientist Ian Wilmut; he led the research team that, in 1996, produced the sheep Dolly, the first mammal cloned with genetic material from an adult cell.

To learn more about the recipients, visit the MU News Bureau.