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Mizzou Mail

Landmarks identified

Feedback from the Spring 2011 issue included orientation confusion about the aerial photo of Columbia by Robert Llewellyn on Page 35  [“There’s no place like CoMo”]. Mervyn Heinz, BS Ag ’55, of Cosby, Mo., wrote: “I’m at a loss when it comes to recognizing any of the buildings on Page 35. I assume this is a shot of downtown Columbia.” A Columbia resident for more than 30 years, Ivan Nyberg, BS Ed ’61, of Ozark, Mo., was similarly challenged. Sorry about that. We’ve identified some landmarks in the photograph at right.

MIZZOU magazine staff

columbia map

Taken from northwestern Columbia, this aerial photograph orients east to southeast. Here are some landmarks:

1  Water tower on Ash Street, just west of Providence Road.

2  Dotting Columbia’s skyline since 1928, The Tiger Hotel, 23 S. Eighth St.

3  The north set of columns in front of the Boone County Courthouse. On the south end of Eighth Street are Francis Quadrangle’s iconic Columns.

4  First Baptist Church, 1112 E. Broadway. Locals think the steeple resembles the face of Donald Duck.

5  Boone Hospital Center, 1600 E. Broadway.

6  Near the northeast corner of the MU campus, Paquin Tower, 1201 Paquin St.

Does bell still ring?

The photo of the gutted interior of Switzler Hall [Spring 2011, Page 5] immediately reminded me of speech class below the bell tower on a warm day in 1966. The building reverberated as the bell struck once a minute for each year in the life of Dr. Frederick Middlebush, former university president, at the time of his funeral — 80 times, I believe. Does that tradition continue for MU notables?

— Jim Swinford, BJ ’68, Indianapolis

Editor’s note: Yes, the tradition continues, but it is on hold now that Switzler Hall is being renovated.

Ice storm detail

In the Spring 2011 article on the “Snowpocalypse” storm of February 2011, I noticed you didn’t have the dates for the 1949 storm. The MIZZOU magazine of Spring 2001 [Page 30] described that ice storm, which shut down much of Missouri for more than a week after it struck on Jan. 9, 1949. Titled “Ice, wind and fire,” the article described the devastation of Francis Quadrangle’s stand of elm trees. I had saved the article because I was born Jan. 10, 1949, in the Louisiana, Mo., hospital, with only a flashlight to illuminate the delivery. Our family talked of the storm for years.

I have been a librarian for many years after two degrees from the University of Missouri. I enjoy the magazine and am proud of the university and its achievements.

— Patrica Harness Farney, BA ’71, MA ’72, Rockford, Ill.

Greetings from Croatia

Thank you so much for sending me a great and pleasant surprise — MIZZOU magazine. I graduated from the MU animal science doctoral program in 1997, and I spent the best three years of my life at MU.

Now I am in Zagreb, Croatia, working at the local university. I have remained in touch with the animal science faculty at MU (we still work together occasionally), and I grabbed the opportunity on several occasions to come back to Columbia. The last time was during the 2007–08 school year, when I visited MU during my sabbatical. It was a good time to refresh my memories. There were so many changes — so many new buildings, and some old ones were torn down. I guess change should be that way.

Thanks again, and M-I-Z, Z-O-U.

— Miroslav Kaps, PhD ’97, Zagreb, Croatia

Greetings from Greece

I want to thank you for sending my father, Stavros Threpsiadis, BS ME ’62, MS ’63, and me the quarterly edition of MIZZOU. Keep up the good work!

— Evangelos Threpsiadis, BS EE ’95, Athens, Greece