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Around the Columns

Growing their own food

Ann and Carl Korschgen find satisfaction in caring for a flock of chickens and growing their own fruits and vegetables.

Missouri, Mizzou honored by U.S. Navy

When historians recall the U.S.S. Missouri, most think of the battleship on which Japan unconditionally surrendered to the Allied Forces on Sept. 2, 1945, marking the end of World War II.

Clean your plate and the environment

When it comes to food waste in America, the numbers aren’t appetizing. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, Americans throw away one fourth of all prepared food.

Tiger athletes go global

Basketball players usually don’t want to be known for traveling. On the other hand, they might not mind the moniker “globetrotter.”

Midwestern movie-makers

Before 8 a.m. on a random Wednesday, students on the Carnahan Quadrangle practice their dance moves — the Running Man, the Robot and “raisin’ the roof.”

It’s a banner year for fraternity academics

John Dean is not going to mince words: As a group, Mizzou’s fraternities turn in a grade point average (2.99) that’s below the overall campus average (3.043).

Wabash Station celebrates 100 years

Hewn from the same Boone County limestone as the buildings on MU’s white campus, Wabash Station at 126 N. 10th St. looked as timeless as ever on its 100th birthday, July 16, 2010..

Wake up and smell the biofuel

Few things are as appealing as a hot cup of coffee in the morning. What’s not alluring are the messy, wet grounds remaining in the coffee maker.

College Credit

Ask parents of college students how they feel about their children having credit cards on campus, and you might get a lukewarm response — at best.

Coming home to True/False

For three enthusiastic days, fans crowd Ninth Street and Broadway, spilling out of local restaurants and hopping from venue to venue.

Beetle Bailey delivers

Beetle Bailey’s days as the laziest man in the Army have come to an end. Don’t worry, the 60-year-old cartoon strip by Mort Walker, BA ’48, continues.

Different experiences lead to medical school

To pay his way through Missouri State University, Lincoln Sheets worked the graveyard shift at a Springfield, Mo., nursing home.

Transfer student finds housing at last minute

Adept at moving and maneuvering, Annemijn Koenen is a Belgium-born tennis player from Chicago who transferred from the University of Arkansas to Mizzou this fall semester.

Skate and smashability

You won’t find names like “Amber Waves of Pain” and “Dixie McKill” in 18th-century British literature.

Fulbrights in flight

Becoming a puppeteer and touring with a hard-core metal band are hardly considered stops on the traditional route to collegiate success.

Cornerstone provides design experience

Shawn Browning knew the campus lore of the Columns, but, like most students, she had no idea that another artifact survived the 1892 Academic Hall fire.

Setting the artful table

Yukari Kashihara embarked on a life-changing cultural education when she moved from her native Osaka, Japan, to the United States in 1993.