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Thought for food

Mizzou researchers shop for food solutions

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Have food on the brain? So does Mizzou. Here, researchers are thinking innovatively about the same food issues that perplex you daily. They’re trying to curb childhood obesity, devise ways to make junk food healthy, figure out how agriculture can be more sustainable and prevent those eggs in your fridge from being recalled. Mizzou certainly has its strengths when it comes to food. For starters, how many colleges have their own ice cream? But the Tiger Stripe blend of French vanilla and dark Dutch chocolate is only the tip of the ice cream float. Food is just one of the five areas in Mizzou Advantage — a campuswide plan to solve big problems. Each area is a constellation of top faculty and facilities that set Mizzou apart from other universities. In addition to food, the areas relate to energy, health, media and technology. By focusing on these areas, the university hopes to elevate its stature and enhance its ability to win grants, attract venture capital, and boost the Missouri and U.S. economies.

This issue of MIZZOU focuses on food. 

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