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Around the Columns

Music: the tie that binds

zeke piskulich

Freshman and fourth-generation Tiger Zeke Piskulich plays the trumpet for Marching Mizzou during a football halftime show Nov. 19, 2011. Photo by Nicholas Benner

Even though Zeke Piskulich is a fourth-generation Tiger, he didn’t know anyone when he first stepped on campus as a student in August 2011. So, he hunted for clubs to join. Music had been a part of his life since elementary school, and he decided to sign up for Marching Mizzou.

“It became an immediate way to make friends,” Piskulich says. “After practice, we’d all hang out, get dinner and see movies.”

Piskulich booked himself a busy first semester on campus, including Honors College courses and daily Marching Mizzou practices.

His family members are no strangers to tramping around the Columns. Zeke’s parents, Pat, BJ ’81, MA ’84, and Michelle, BA ’81, MA ’84, and his grandmother Mary Anne, BS Ed ’57, and grandfather, John, BS IE ’56, all crisscrossed the campus through the decades.

Zeke also has an emeritus professor in the family tree. His great-grandfather Frank Heagerty taught in the College of Education and retired in the 1970s. Zeke and his grandfather have even shared the same athletic field — though not at the same time. John Piskulich played football for Coach Don Faurot in the 1950s. In 2011, Zeke took to the field in his role “pepping up the team” with his trumpet.

And when his parents come home to Mizzou for a football game, a walk around campus is mandatory.

“It’s always fun and a little weird,” Zeke jokes, “when your parents can show you where they used to go on dates when they were your age.”