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Around the Columns

Future plans announced for University of Missouri Press

The reimagined publishing house will include digital and audio books.

Budget prospects improve

Mizzou’s ability to balance its budget for fiscal 2013 is affected by the state’s balancing its own budget. If the state’s agenda improves, so does the university’s.

Finishing what she started

Lindsay Clubine Buchholz remembers that feeling of being a freshman at Mizzou in 2001. “I’m a small-town girl and the campus was so big,” says the Camden, Mo., native.That small-town girl soon made it big in the entertainment industry.

Activate growth

Two objectives brought Luis Jimenez, MBA ’11, to the United States from his native Honduras.

First Entsminger scholarship awarded

The new Bus Entsminger scholarship promises to renew the memory of his accomplishments for generations of Mizzou students.

True sons and daughters

Back in 1876, when Ella Dimmit graduated from MU, there’s no way she could have known that she would have a great, great, great grandson who would be walking the same hallowed halls in 2012.

Find me in the club

When sophomore pitcher Jake Walsh describes his former self, it doesn’t sound like a Division I baseball player. “I was always kind of a skinny, tall kid that didn’t really throw hard, and I wasn’t much of an athlete,” Walsh says. “I wasn’t as confident as I wanted to be.”

Making the leap

Every time Mary Burke enters the MU Gymnastics and Golden Girls Practice Facility, she passes beneath large images of former Tiger greats.

A uniform look

Mizzou unveiled bold Nike-designed uniforms for basketball, football, soccer and volleyball during halftime of the annual Black and Gold Game April 14, 2012, at Memorial Stadium.

Tigers making memories

Third-generation Tigers Kyle and Bria Burk inscribe more than a decade of memories and college colloquialisms such as “M-I-Z” and “Z-O-U” into the Columns. But think entrepreneurialism, not vandalism.

Brainpower to biofuels

For decades, the MU Power Plant has been a remarkably efficient operation. Despite Mizzou’s 33 percent growth in education and general space since 1990, energy use has shrunk by 14 percent per square foot.

Turning point

On March 4, Academy Award-winning filmmaker Dan Lindsay, BS BA ’01, stood on the Jesse Hall stage posing with an Oscar that he had won just weeks before.

Science is Nowak’s beat

Glen Nowak is the first Mizzou Advantage Distinguished Visiting Professional.

Enraptured with raptors

Willie the red tailed hawk was about a year old when a rural Missouri woman discovered the crippled bird. He had a broken wing, likely from being hit by a car, so she consulted the Missouri Department of Conservation.

Brooks calls it a career

Brian Brooks, associate dean of MU’s School of Journalism, morphed newspaper editing, reporting and war correspondence into a 38-year career at MU.

Reaching higher

By many people’s standards, Kelly Sample is from small town Missouri. But to some of the high school students she advises in Salem, Mo., her humble hometown of Republic is a bustling Springfield suburb.

Having fun with food

Dinner in a dining hall can become a routine for students. You swipe in, stand in line, sit down and eat. But on April 6, 2012, that all changed with the Bengal Rock Party at Plaza 900.

Mysterious manuscript

MU Libraries Special Collections is one of the few owners of an original Charlotte Brontë manuscript.

Looking back on American Education

Looking back on American education: MU commemorates the 150th anniversary of the Morrill Act.

Kempers reward teaching

The annual springtime ritual of presenting Kemper awards takes place in classrooms across campus.

Thailand university awards Deaton honorary degree

Chancellor Brady J. Deaton accepted an honorary degree from Khon Kaen University Feb. 23, 2012, during a ceremony in the Donald W. Reynolds Alumni Center.