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Finishing what she started

Lindsay Clubine

On graduation day May 12, Lindsay Clubine Buchholz holds her 20-month-old daughter, Colbi. Photo by Tom Nagel

Lindsay Clubine Buchholz remembers that feeling of being a freshman at Mizzou in 2001. “I’m a small-town girl and the campus was so big,” says the Camden, Mo., native.

That small-town girl soon made it big in the entertainment industry.

Buchholz spent two years attending classes in Columbia before modeling opportunities and a television career took her to Los Angeles. Through Mizzou Online, she was able to continue studies on her own time.

She landed a job on the TV game show Deal or No Deal and, for four years, found time on the set between tapings to study, prepare for tests and write papers. Buchholz also hosted HDNet’s travel show Get Out! which meant tending to her classwork while on location in South Africa, Australia and Tahiti.

This spring, 11 years after first coming to Mizzou, Buchholz completed her bachelor ‘s degree in general studies. Accompanied by her parents — who still live in Camden — and 20-month-old daughter, Colbi, she attended the College of Arts and Science commencement ceremony May 12.

“I knew one day I was going to walk back through those columns,” Buchholz says.
“It is 11 years later, but I’m finishing.”

Inspiration came from her father, who finished his degree by taking night classes while raising a family.

“It took him several years,” she says. “I saw him do it and thought, ‘I can do this.’”

Buchholz, whose husband, Clay, is a pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, has maintained a career in television. She works as a correspondent for WHDH-TV in Boston on a segment called “Heading Home,” which features Red Sox players’ families off the field.

“For my busy and very mobile lifestyle, online classes worked for me,” Buchholz says. “I’ve been working at this a long time but have been able to do it from every city or country I’ve traveled to with no problems.”

Buchholz never gave up on the goal she had as that wide-eyed freshman in 2001.

“I always knew,” she says, “that I would come back and graduate.”