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MU’s enrollment continues to grow

record enrollment

MU notches record enrollment yet again. Photo by Nicholas Benner

MU notched its 10th consecutive year of record-breaking enrollment this fall, welcoming 6,138 first-time college students for a total student body of 33,805.

Since MU established the Division of Enrollment Management in 2002, the university has added 7,681 students. The decade of steady enrollment growth has been marked by several trends, including the following:

• Record enrollments of underrepresented groups: The number of African-American
students has increased 69 percent to 2,277 in fall of 2011; the number of Hispanic students has increased 127 percent to 884,

• Record retention rates: MU’s six-year graduation rate of 68.9 percent is well above the national average of 53.5 percent,

• Increases in low-income students: MU students eligible for federal Pell grants have increased 61 percent to 5,962, and

• Increases in high-ability students: ACT scores in the 33–36 range are up 137 percent to 168. 

With the number of Missouri high school graduates projected to decrease by 9,000 by 2014, MU has increased the recruitment of students from out of state. Between 2002 and 2011, first-time, non-resident undergraduates increased by 142 percent, or 1,917 students. International undergraduates are also up by 111 percent to 688 in the last decade.