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Console searching

greg miller

The "Internet's biggest Mizzou fan" Greg Miller, BJ ’07, has made a career out of reviewing video games and writing about them. Photo by Scott Love

For the fanatical video-gaming set, few jobs are more coveted than Greg Miller’s. That’s because it is hard to find a paying gig to park in front of an HD screen and vanquish dragons, detonate tanks and burn rubber across the Autobahn.

Miller, BJ ’05, is an executive editor at IGN, an online media and services company in San Francisco, and he spends most of his days reviewing games for the Sony PlayStation platform. Although he might occasionally hit pause to sip a frosty beverage, it’s a perpetual quest to survey the strategies, simulations and secrets of a virtual universe.

A self-described “Roger Ebert for games,” Miller takes the occupation seriously.

“For movies, it’s not so much of an investment,” he says. “Two hours, 10 bucks, and if it’s no good — whatever. I’m out 10 bucks. You could see every movie that someone recommends, but it’s hard to buy every game if you’re a regular consumer. Especially when games demand 20 to 40 hours apiece.”

When he came to Mizzou from Glen Ellyn, Ill., in 2001, students looking to specialize in video game criticism were rare. He quickly developed a reputation at the J-School as the go-to guy for video game content. After graduation, he talked the Columbia Daily Tribune staff into giving him the weekly column and daily blog “Game Over” in addition to his general assignment duties.

Now the former Antler hosts two weekly podcasts, narrates review videos, writes online content for IGN and boldly claims the title of “the Internet’s biggest Mizzou fan.”

“When I moved out here, I knew I needed a new dream,” Miller says with a laugh. “The new dream is to one day be the grand marshal of Mizzou Homecoming.” — Marcus Wilkins