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Alumni Profiles

An excerpt from FAT

Jean Braithwaite’s recent memoir, FAT: The Story of My Life with My Body (2011, Snake Nation Press), looks at her relationship to her body — fat, thin, and in between — and at biases related to fat, fitness, diets and discrimination.

Holiday reading for youngsters

Although William Tyler teaches college students at his day job is in the Department of Communication at Saint Louis University, during off hours he writes for children.

City limitless

When Adam Saunders of the Columbia Center for Urban Agriculture (CCUA) envisions a Thanksgiving cornucopia, he might not necessarily picture corresponding hayrides or row crops in rural Boone County.

Console searching

For the fanatical video-gaming set, few jobs are more coveted than Greg Miller’s. That’s because it is hard to find a paying gig to park in front of an HD screen and vanquish dragons, detonate tanks and burn rubber across the Autobahn.

Straight-line career

Many people wander a bit as they discover themselves and stake out careers, but Olga Bolden-Tiller, PhD ’02, was not one of them.

A children’s champion

When Joe Knittig, CEO of the Global Orphan Project Inc., explains the mission of the international ministry based in Kansas City, Mo., his compassion and faith resonate from every word.

Producing aplenty

Mary McClure might have one of the smallest backyards in her Kansas City, Mo., neighborhood, but she optimizes every inch.

Flashlights for the universe

When Gerald Fishman began his astronomy career in 1974, little was known about gamma-ray bursts. Now a leading expert in gamma-ray astronomy, Fishman won the 2011 Shaw Prize in Astronomy for his decades of research on the topic.