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Holiday reading for youngsters

Although William Tyler teaches college students at his day job is in the Department of Communication at Saint Louis University, during off hours he writes for children. His latest children’s book, The Little Wolf Cubs’ Christmas Gift (2011), follows four cubs and their buddy WorryBird as they set out to find a Christmas tree for their mountain den. Adventures ensue as the group meets up with a grumpy bear called Garrumble. Tyler, BA, BJ ’58, MA ’66, worked with son Daniel Moss Tyler, who illustrated the text. The pair published Who Let the Mongoose Loose? in 2010. Both titles are available through online booksellers.

In the childlike spirit of the holiday season, here’s an excerpt from the new book:

the little wolf cubs' christmas gift

Across the bridge the wolf cubs scurried
with their friend, who was quite worried.
Through the forest thick with pine trees,
through the snow up to their small knees,

they ran until they came upon
a little hill.

There stood a fawn 
next to a sparkling little tree,
Perfect in its symmetry.

There they found it, all surround it,
“Let's take home our Christmas tree!”
The little reindeer said goodbye,
“This tree is blessed. You'll soon learn why!”

The four wolf cubs cut down their tree
and started back so happily.
Even Worrybird was heard 
singing merrily,

the little wolf cubs' christmas gift

“Oh what a splendid Christmas tree.
How beautiful Christmas will be.”
But then, "Uh, oh! Look in the snow!”
Along the trail on their way back
they came across a big, huge track!

It wasn't theirs! It was the bear’s!
Garrumble's tracks were in the snow.
“He was just here not long ago!”
“Run! cried Worrybird. “Run and hide!
He's not asleep! He's not inside!”

Then they heard that frightening sound.
It shook the trees. It shook the ground.
Quiver and quake! Shiver and shake!
“Garrowl! Garrumble!” Rumble, rumble.

Like thunder rolling through the forest,
across the bridge, along the ridge,
up the mountain rolls the thunder.

It’s no wonder
Everyone begins to run.
“He’s right behind us! He’s sure to find us!”

Closer and closer Garrumble came.
Louder and louder the roars became.
“Garrowl! Garrumble!” came the roar.
The wolf cubs ran and ran some more.

The plot thickens as the bear chases the cubs through the forest. Check out the book to find out what happens.